Chicago shopping strips see vacancy rates plummet

The shopping corridors on Armitage, Southport and Damen avenues bounced back last year after 2020 doldrums, according to a new analysis from Stone Real Estate.


37 · 13 days ago · Reddit

I really hope that work from home continues, and as a consequence people spend more time frequenting their local retail, restaurants, etc whenever possible. For the things that you need to go to elsewhere, have that stuff ordered online and delivered. Get rid of all the suburban style box stores on Elston and the like.

Just my urban hippie fantasy.

Edit: While I'm a little tipsy and fantasizing- Add a massive tax hike specifically on commercial parking lots. Funnel all that money into CTA/​transit improvements. Charge a per-day fee to private cars to drive between Division, Halsted, and Roosevelt.

22 · 13 days ago · Reddit

Speaking for myself, I’ve been conscious about doing two things re the pandemic and now in hybrid:

  1. Taking public transit/​driving less. I appreciate the CTA so much more after this, tbh.
  2. Buying local whenever possible. No matter the cost.

Re 2…that includes going to local places downtown when I’m actually downtown…..since that’s actually a special thing now. Plus I buy lunch local to my house.

14 · 13 days ago · Reddit

Wicker Park friends - does it feel like Milwaukee Ave in Wicker is becoming an after thought?

Division Street is absolutely filled. Even Chicago Ave has so much amazing food and shops. Damen north of North is fine. But Milwaukee Ave just looks like it’s barely hanging on. Once you get past the 606 though it’s a different story.