New Illinois law requires life rings at all piers and access points along Lake Michigan

Advocates for life rings argued that while they won't save every life, they could make all the difference for just one life.


37 · 2 months ago · Reddit

Props to Kelly Cassidy for pushing this through the state, and to Maria Hadden for pushing the Park District to install rings in Chicago.

I have to say that I have been pretty impressed with Maria Hadden. She does seem to be seeking solutions to issues in the city (and her ward specifically) as they arise. She was the one who really broke the story of the deaths in the Rogers Park apartment building a few weeks ago. She personally assisted in safety checks of the residences while using her voice to call for volunteers to do the same. Without her action there may well have been more deaths than there were. She has also already introduced an ordinance to the city council that would amend the heating code to help prevent something like that happening again.

She just seems really tuned into the community and willing to help, which is about as much as you can ask for.

6 · 2 months ago · Reddit

Silly how the Riverwalk has had them for a long time, but the lakefront didn’t. Glad to see them.