Climate change could trigger toxic disasters along Lake Michigan, new report finds

A report released Wednesday warns that rising lake levels, strong wind gusts and high waves are inching closer to flooding hazardous spots in northern Illinois, including coal, nuclear and Superfund sites.


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And in Wisconsin you can’t reinforce lakefront property. Lots of shoreline homes are at risk of literally falling into the lake due to erosion.

But, it was always fun to swim at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, because the outflow kept the water warm next to the nuclear power plant.

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Just copying this comment from another thread on a similar issue ...

So what needs to be done (IMHO) is a major restoration of rivers that feed the lake and restoration of "riparian zones" along those rivers and the lake itself.

Riparian zones, or areas, are lands that occur along the edges of rivers, streams, lakes, and other water bodies. Examples include streambanks, riverbanks, and flood plains. They're different from the surrounding uplands because their soils and vegetation are shaped by the presence of water.

The best way to achieve this along rivers is to "de-channelize" the river by removing steel and cement walls that straighten rivers, removing old "mill" dams from the colonial era, and pull pack development along waterways to allow for more natural vegetation and keystone species such as beavers, to do their thing.

You achieve

  • less uncontroled flooding on land
  • less spending on flooding and "disaster" repairs
  • more drought resistant land
  • natural fire breaks for better disaster resistance
  • riparian areas also serve as "shelters" for microorganisms, invertebrates, plants, insects, and small animals that cannot otherwise flee fires or drought conditions, these survivors go on to repopulate the burned area faster than would other wise be possible also reducing damaging erosion and mudslides.
  • more bio diversity on land in the water
  • more carbon sequestration in the land
  • healthy land, forests, and water available for physical recreation (and improved mental health) for people

This work is actually much cheaper than you might imagine and honestly, I don't understand why billionaires are pissing their money away trying to get to Mars when a fraction of their wealth could really change things here and now.

If you want to learn more about river restoration work here in Chicago, Urban Rivers - creators of the "Wild Mile" - is a good place to start.

The Wild Mile will be the first-ever floating eco-park of its scale in the world.

Wild Mile Chicago will be a mile-long floating park located on the North Branch Canal of the Chicago River, a manmade channel along the east side of Goose Island between Chicago Ave and North Ave.The completed park will consist of floating gardens and forests with public walkways and kayak docks in the Chicago River. The Wild Mile will function as a public park, open-air museum, botanical garden, kayaker destination, classroom for the community, and provide habitat for native wildlife.

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Honestly we’re getting into a boy who cried wolf situation here.

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Wasn’t there just a post on this subreddit yesterday talking about lowering lake levels? What’s going on?

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I don't get how this report comes from the same org that did this​wp-content/​uploads/​2020/​04/​2019-ELPCPublication-Great-Lakes-Climate-Change-Report.pdf

A water level of 589ft would be nearly halfway to the Toleston stage of Lake Michigan, which hasn't been seen in 5000 years.