Don't call it Asian carp. Call it . . .

The state is rebranding the invasive fish species to get more people to eat it. The new name will be unveiled Wednesday.

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9 · 7 days ago · Reddit

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will unveil a new name for the fish June 22 and by year end will apply to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to have the name changed formally.

Apologies for the clickbait title, just following sub rules. Edit incoming on my thoughts.

Edit: I love the idea but anyone who's taken, cleaned and prepped one know the issue for most around here. It's not an easy fillet like most panfish based here in North America. The fillets have bones unless properly prepared which is off-putting to most Midwesterners. A full on grilled fish that's just de-scaled like you'd see in a proper Southern or Central America restaurant just isn't that popular, but that's the best way to eat them. Pick and eat them like pretty much everyone else in the world. Hopefully we figure this out because they're actually good eating and also saving our natural waters.