Pop-Tarts, Cheez-It, Pringles and Eggo headed for Chicago

The other two companies are temporarily being called North American Cereal Co., which includes Kellogg's North American cereals business, and Plant Co., which includes its MorningStar Farms plant-based food brand. For now, the Chicago company has...


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The Sun Times has more details for those without a Crains subscription. For the time being, there is little impact to Chicago as this is just a corporate reorganization. All of the employees are already in the city and in the new headquarters.

Kellogg said the snacks operation will be based at 412 N. Wells St. in Chicago, where it already leases space. The new company will maintain corporate campuses in Chicago and Battle Creek, Michigan, the longtime home of Kellogg.

Kellogg has more than 300 employees in the Chicago area, with offices downtown and in Naperville, and no workers will have to relocate, a spokesperson said. “The transactions will not result in any office moves or closures, and the company’s intent is for its current real estate footprint to remain the same,” the spokesperson said.

For the Chicago area, the announcement means little for new economic activity. But it’s a morale booster for the region, which has seen Boeing and Caterpillar move their headquarters elsewhere.


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I work right next to their current office,its pretty tiny, and they aren't planning to relocate more people here so im not sure why this story even exists.

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I worked for Keebler in Elmhurst for a decade when Kelloggs bought it and moved it to Battle Creek. Welcome back, I guess?