Taxpayers shell out $250M in police-related settlements; new report slams city efforts to learn from those mistakes

“We are missing very expensive opportunities if we are not informing ourselves and improving practices and policies as a result of those settlements and judgments,” said Inspector General Deborah Witzburg.


48 · 4 months ago · Reddit

Cops should buy insurance. It’s bullshit tax payers pay for their reckless mistakes. The more complaints you get the higher your premiums.

Why am I paying for these guys to violate peoples civil rights then get a paid vacation? Can someone that’s pro cop genuinely answer that?

36 · 4 months ago · Reddit

I still like the idea that the cops should get an annual bonus, and these settlements should be paid out of their bonus pot.

I think that'd quickly generate peer pressure not to fuck around.

23 · 4 months ago · Reddit

So I would love to hear from all the people constantly blaming everything and anyone other than police.

250 million from 2018 to 2020??? Thats BEFORE the effects of covid when crime was WAY down. So dont give ur typical "oh well they cant do their job" crap.

This is absurd.

250 million in 3 years?!?! For JUST SETTLEMENTS??

Imagine over the last 20 years how much more money would be into our pensions had this money had to come out of the police budget? 2 billion? 3 billion? When combined with all the interest that would have been saved over that 20 years you are probably talking close to 5 or 6 billion dollars

CPD is already given the largest budget per capita of any city in the country and that doesnt count all this tax payer money they are getting for lawsuits. My god

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taps the sign Police exist to protect capital. There's no amount of reforming you can do to fix an institution created to break labor strikes and catch runaway slaves. Our highest court has ruled that they do not have a duty to protect us.

Practically, as long as we're still living under capitalism, one of the best things we can do is chip away at their power by building other, new institutions to offload responsibilities and minimize their presence in public as much as possible. Mental health responders, unarmed traffic enforcement, that sort of thing.

Ending qualified immunity and making them pay settlements out of pensions all sound great, but you are literally asking the state to take responsibility for its own violence. It's not going to happen, not without an actual fight. I mean literally, the last time people protested for police accountability just 2 years ago, the police rioted across the country and beat the shit out of a bunch of people, including in Chicago. My point is, it's not surprising because it's like asking hostile soldiers in a warzone to pay reparations out of their own pocket for every enemy combatant they kill or maim. They're just gonna laugh at you and go on killin' and maiming, because they have the monopoly on violence and you don't. (And make no mistake, that analogy is very close to how they are trained to view their job.)