Left for Dead: NBC 5 Suing Over Public Records in Hit-and-Run Crashes

For over a year, NBC 5 Investigates has been reporting on the shocking number of hit-and-run crashes across Chicago: more than 31,000 so far this year, killing...


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Angel Bucio's 12-year-old son was killed just days before Christmas two years ago. Sebastian Taylor lost his wife and infant child in June 2021. Agata Jagielski's mother was fatally struck in a crosswalk 14 months ago.

Stop signs and in some cases red lights are seemingly optional for Chicago drivers. This needs to change.

Not sure that red light cameras are the answer. But cops sure aren't doing anything about drivers that blow through stop signs, pass on the right, and generally drive recklessly.

Good on NBC 5 for following through with this.

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Of the more than 37,000 hit-and-runs the city saw in 2021, Chicago police made just 95 arrests, data shows, for an arrest rate of 0.3%: more than 25 times lower than that of Los Angeles. Some of the most serious cases in recent years appear to have seemingly obvious leads - a vehicle left behind, surveillance footage and more - but have languished without justice.

Seriously, what does the CPD do?

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This is good. If anyone hit someone and drove off, I hope you live in fear of eventually being caught and put in jail.