Allison Arwady, City Hall’s calming voice on COVID, hopes to stay on under next mayor

Chicago’s public health commissioner and coronavirus point person says she doesn’t get recognized as much as she used to. But that’s OK with her, especially given the “scary mail at my house” she’d get.

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18 · 7 days ago · Reddit

I thought her Covid stuff was fine, not really impressed or disappointed... at least not enough to care whether she continues in her position based on it.

As commissioner of public health I'd like to see her take steps to loosen some aspects of the food code here that other cities don't have to deal with. Specifically thinking in terms of the rules for food trucks, small food vendors, and rules regarding the display of food products in retail settings. There is a reason food shops in NYC, SF, LA, Austin etc have so much more leeway in how they present their offerings, but the upper Midwest is well known for strict health code laws. At least we're not Minneapolis (155 degree internal temp for burgers, yikes).