Chicago City Council Approves 8-Year Deal With Police Union

It took more than four years to negotiate a new deal with the police union, as Mayor Lori Lightfoot demanded changes to the way officers are investigated after a 2017 probe by the U.S. Department of Justice found police officers routinely violated the civil rights of Black and Latino Chicagoans.

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35 · 11 days ago · Reddit

The 2.5% annual increases is generally pretty reasonable. It's more or less a cost of living adjustment.

In terms of reform against misconduct, it seems like a few small victories, but nothing meaningful. One good one is anonymous tips are allowed to be investigated, which for some reason were not allowed for the last 40 years. Doesn't mean they will though...

Key misses:

  • Officers are still allowed to delay speaking with investigators for 24 hours after an incident (enough time to get their "story straight" with fellow officers)
  • No pension reform
  • No disclosure of moonlighting required
  • No tangible steps to increase oversight or accountability

Basically 4 years to negotiate some token "reforms" in exchange for a COLA. What a waste of time.