Chicago police move to fire officer assigned to desk duty for more than a decade

CHICAGO — Tom Sherry was hired by the Chicago Police Department in 1997, following in his father’s footsteps. But he’s spent more than half of his career on desk duty, stripped of his police powers, as a result of his ties to the Special Operations Section, a citywide unit that was tasked with...


170 · 9 days ago · Reddit

It's crazy how sympathetic the TV news report is to his position, but when you read the article, the facts are all against him.

-11 other officers of his unit plead guilty and did time

-his charges get dropped

-he's handed a desk job (@ $87k, I looked it up)

-he sues the city for not putting him back on the streets

-okay, so the department finally moves to dismiss him

-<surprised pikachu> hey that was like 20 years ago!

-sob story to news media

-lapdog TV news eats it up

So sad, too. He was just a couple years from full retirement and a pension. /s

53 · 9 days ago · Reddit

Lol, Chicago police unit turned into a robbery crew? The more you learn about CPD's not-so-distant history, the more it becomes apparent that this department is a failed institution.

5 · 9 days ago · Reddit

I think after like 5 years I would just stop showing up to work as long as the paychecks keep coming.