Is California, one of the bluest states in the US, at a turning point over crime, homelessness?

California may be at a crossroads over crime and homelessness. But if progressive policies roll back, will minorities pay the price?


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Main takeaway: USA Today is making it seem as if the state is going down the drain and could flip as “residents are frustrated” over crime, housing and homelessness:

California often touts its reputation as a progressive leader, rolling out policies and plans aiming to reshape the state and inspire the rest of the country. But residents such as Wyghtman in Los Angeles and San Francisco – two of the state’s largest cities and liberal leaders – have signaled they feel frustrated and unsafe and are in need of change after seeing both crime and homelessness appear to explode. 

Recent polls show voters are fed up and, in some cases, have lost faith in elected leaders to solve these issues.  One poll showed more than half of voters believe California is on the wrong track. The mid-February survey, conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, also found Newsom’s approval rating was declining: Only 48% approved his job performance.  The poll also showed roughly two in three California voters believe crime in their local communities had increased over the past year, and a little over half of respondents said it has increased a lot. Those feelings were largely in unison regardless of political party, race, age or gender, according to Mark DiCamillo, director of the poll.

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Only because the media is pushing a false narrative being made up by police.

We know the solutions to both crime and homelessness, and they don't involve police.