Speedgolf is an actual L.A. sport, part fitness craze, part just crazy

Book excerpt: Speedgolf is a combination of running while playing golf. 'We took golf and made it into a sport,' says one champion. Author Rick Reilly disagrees.


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I like running.

I like golf.

Fuck everything about this.

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Let me know when golf cart polo is a thing so I can get unbanned from some courses

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Take speedgolf. This is the taking of a sport a lot of people hate and making it worse.

“No,” says Wesley Cupp, a world champion speedster. “We took golf and made it into a sport.”

OK, that’s fine, if your idea of sport is to tee off at 5:30 a.m. and play golf like you’re double parked and be done by 6:30 so you can get back, shower up and be at work at 8. But isn’t that the whole point of golf, to miss all that?

“I hear that a lot,” says Garlin Smith, the head of Speedgolf SoCal in L.A. “My buddies say: ‘Garlin, you’re killing me. I need my wife to think Saturday golf takes eight hours.’ ”

Just thinking about speedgolf makes me tired. U.S. champion Scott Dawley won the 2020 title by shooting a 75 in 43 minutes for a speedgolf score of 118 (75 + 43 = 118). Does that sound ... fun?

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I was wondering how on earth they can play speed golf when the golf courses around here are slammed at all hours of the day. I guess if you tee off at 5:30… Still seems annoying. I hate when someone is sprinting down the golf course breathing down my neck when there are groups in front of me and I can’t go anywhere.