Abcarian: Our vindictive sheriff turns the crazy up to 11

The searches targeting L.A. County Supervisor Kuehl and a women's advocate are bound to backfire against Sheriff Alex Villanueva.


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When I heard that a swarm of Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies executed early-morning searches at the homes of L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and Patti Giggans, executive director of one of the oldest anti-domestic-violence groups in the country, I realized county Sheriff Alex Villanueva has gone off the deep end.

Does our embattled lawman really think such a transparent attempt to intimidate his critics is going to rescue his sagging bid for reelection in November? (“NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW” he trumpeted on his Instagram feed under a photo of Kuehl with her hands up as deputies escorted her from her house.)

If I were his opponent — as retired Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna is — I’d be doing handsprings.

Kuehl and Giggans, who have been friends for decades, are vociferous critics of Villanueva. Kuehl has called for him to be fired, as has Giggans, whom Kuehl appointed to the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission at its inception in 2016.

And now, they find they are targets of a criminal investigation by the sheriff’s mysterious public corruption unit, which seems to exist only to harass and intimidate his detractors.

“He’s only targeting political enemies,” George Gascón, the county district attorney, told my colleague Alene Tchekmedyian last year after the sheriff tried to enlist him in his first failed vendetta against Kuehl and Giggans. “It was obvious that was not the kind of work I wanted to engage in, so we declined.”

Last week, Gascón said he would not support or defend the latest round of search warrants in court.

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The LA Times and it's columnists really, really don't like Villanueva.

But they really, really should have done a much better job vetting him 4 years ago.