Mayor Bass’ program to move homeless people indoors to launch Tuesday

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass says the 'Inside Safe' program will move homeless people indoors voluntarily.


85 · a month ago · Reddit

I will for sure say yes to live indoors.Living outside and being homeless.eless is the worst thing that ever happen to me I am so glad I now have my own apartment now

41 · a month ago · Reddit

Many will refuse. This has been tried. Garcetti's track record aside, he moved a similar program in multiple forms, even with the county at his side in one case.

The Boise 9th circuit court case dictates everything. It's as simple as this. If local government ≠ enough shelter, than they cannot force individuals to not camp in public spaces ie sidewalks, parks, etc.

Therefore the answer is more shelters ASAP. This is what the debate has been about, with a subsect of advocates saying permanent housing is the only acceptable form of shelter.

The thing is that cost of development here is astronomically high. We are also playing a losing game. Those who live in and around DTLA know this, there are new homeless who show up every single week from all over. Just observe at any one of the major bus stops where greyhound, flixbus, or Amtrak bus drop off near Vignes street, or the hope and Jefferson stop by USC. There are a lot of people coming to LA and we can't afford to put every single person in a permanent home. The middle class who is working multiple jobs can't even afford a permanent home.

Shelter must be the solution. We need huge shelter centers akin to what is in other major metropolitan areas in Europe, Australia, and to extent East Coast. Then we need to build so much more housing because the delta on supply has been thirty years upside down. No more nimby neighborhood input in projects. No more letting the same construction unions and AIDS foundation and junk block and reduce every project via CEQA.

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"She also said last week that the first push to bring people indoors from encampments would cost “under $100 million” but didn’t elaborate."

Ugh this was concerning. We are going to really throw money at the same things... how much money are we going to throw at the same groups to try and "convince" the same people to go indoors?

Does the Bass team think that just because she is now mayor and not Garcetti, that homeless individual will say "okay, I will now go inside"?

Why don't we put that $100M to work and construct a shelter or two?

The people of Los Angeles would thank you more if you were honest with them and told them that it will be rough for a year but we will have better as we build up capacity to then compel folks to accept. Rather than throw money at people who will try and fail again at convincing people to do differently.

Everything about Bass thus far has just reeled of new strategy = same strategy.

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How do I get in on this? I'm homeless living in my car and it's too cold to sleep in.

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Bass said the “Inside Safe” program would get “people to move on their own” and wouldn’t involve “sweeps” — a pejorative word used by activists to describe the clearing of encampments by the city.

“This is not coercing people, this is not ticketing or incarcerating people,” Bass said.

Bass’ comments Sunday shed more light on the planned program, which she has talked briefly about in recent weeks. Previously, she said the program would target some of the city’s larger encampments and utilize hotel conversions and master-leasing of buildings.