Here Are The Finalists In The Competition To Design L.A.’s 1871 Chinese Massacre Memorial

All the design teams include members with AAPI backgrounds. Four of the teams hail from L.A. Filer said the finalist designs also share expert maneuvering of space constraints dictated by the density of downtown L.A., where the attack took place...


10 · 13 days ago · Reddit

I love the big ribbon looking one.. it would attract people to it and make for awesome pictures that people will share on social media to bring more attention to the massacre.

5 · 12 days ago · Reddit

I really like the one that shows their faces, but it would get vandalized within a week.

The rendering of the black rock with the tree is the worst, it looks childish compared to the snazzy computer generated ones, but in reality I actually think I would like this one the best. It is very pedestrian oriented. People would know what it is about, vs. the (beautiful) ribbon that would probably be just another piece of public art for most people.

One of them is a house? Or something? On pencils? I don’t get it but it looks to me like a future homeless shelter, and a skateboarders paradise that would probably require some additional design adjustments to prevent that. It already looks abandoned.