Daughter of L.A. police union boss involved in shooting of pellet-gun-wielding woman

When Jacqueline McBride and two other Los Angeles police officers fatally shot a homeless woman last week as she pointed what turned out to be a pellet gun at them she became the third member of her immediate family on the force to shoot someone.

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89 · 24 days ago · Reddit

Most officers go their entire careers without firing their weapons. A Pew Research Center study in 2016 found only a little more than a quarter of officers have fired a weapon while on duty. But with last Wednesday’s shooting, three members of the McBride family have now been responsible for shooting eight people.

Three cops, all from the same family, have now shot eight people and killed one. None of them have ever faced any disciplinary actions. Serious state and federal investigations need to happen as this appears increasingly like a coverup to appease the LAPD police union and the trigger happy family that runs it.