Fauci says CDC weighing revised mask guidance amid COVID surges

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the CDC is weighing revising their COVID guidelines to recommend that even fully vaccinated individuals wear masks in public.


Abu Amin’s Offical Burner
Abu Amin’s Offical Burner
6 · 2 years ago · Twitter

You’ve lost your credibility the moment you told us masks are useless then changed your stance shortly after 💩🗑

S k y
S k y
5 · 2 years ago · Twitter

Lmao. The Dems are never going to relinquish their power.

Covid will be here for years to come Bc you’ll never get 100% vax rates.

Instead of living with Covid Bc most of us are safe, Dems wanna keep us all on restrictions until Covid is gone? Lmao when? 2027???