Quebec rolls back proposal forcing English CEGEP students into three French-language classes

Under a new amendment, English-speaking CEGEP students won't be made to take three core college classes in French, but will only need to take three French classes focused on the language itself.


22 · 23 days ago · Reddit

Students would no longer be required to take three core college classes in French under the new amendment tabled Tuesday by the Coalition Avenir Quebec.

Now, instead of taking three regular courses in French in order to graduate -- the original proposition -- students will now only need to take three French courses where they can continue working on learning the language, if the amendment is adopted.

The minister responsible for French, Simon Jolin-Barrette, believes allowing students to keep learning French at their own level is still going to strengthen the language, according to a statement from his office.

11 · 23 days ago · Reddit

Euh quoi? Il n’y avait pas de cours de français obligatoires dans le cégeps anglos?

6 · 23 days ago · Reddit

Je me demande comment ça va dérouler au cegeps anglophones. Comment vont-ils avoirs des instructeurs disponibles pour enseigner les cours de disciplines en français? C'etait facile quand c'étaient des cours de français mais trouver des profs de chimies, affairs, informatiques...n'importe quoi...

J'ai des craints que ça va être les mêmes intructeurs Anglophones/​Allophones qui vont faire les cours en francais et la qualité d'instruction va baissez beaucoup.

I'm wondering how this will be implemented at English CEGEPs. How are they going to find French speaking instructors for all these different types of courses instead of just having a French faculty like before.

I am concerned the same instructors, due to a lack of resources will be forced to give the same course in French, which may of may not be a strength of theirs and this will negatively impact the quality of instruction.

The goal here was to get people to be proficient in French, which the 3 French core courses were already doing. This just muddies the waters.