Pointe-Claire votes to put Cadillac Fairview housing megaproject on ice

The Cadillac Fairview condo development in Pointe-Claire is on ice after a vote Tuesday that put the project into a zoning freeze. After hours of debate, one councillor abstained and the rest supported the freeze.


113 · 15 days ago · Reddit

This is why we can't have nice things.

This project would replace a massive heat island and empty parking lot by high density housing and mixed use buildings next to a brand new REM station. It checks so many positive boxes.

The concerns about the height are odd and seem to be based on nothing other than people disliking the idea of Pointe Claire becoming more urban and downtown like.

61 · 15 days ago · Reddit

Dumb west-island city officials doing dumb west-island city officials things, whats new

17 · 15 days ago · Reddit

I'm not familiar with the surroundings but on Google Maps its location is basically between highways in the middle of nowhere. It's similar to the Dix30 on the south shore and that place seems to be booming. They're building non-stop on the other side and everything gets sold.

I think the only valid argument regarding its height issue would be the planes flying so close.

The argument about the environment is a joke. If the people there wanted to protect it, then don't live there... The hypocrisy is laughable.

10 · 15 days ago · Reddit

the province should never put another penny of investment in the west island

how long did west islanders cry about wanting mass transit to downtown

they finally get it and proceed to block development around the stations because they're afraid of car traffic

what a fucking joke