'Making monsters of each other': Businesses fear impact of Quebec language law

Business groups are asking the government to soften its rules — particularly around francization — to offer supports to businesses that undergo it and to extend compliance deadlines.


46 · 10 days ago · Reddit

I have seen protestors holding signs that read: "Bill 96, the end of bilingual Quebec".

Those who want a "bilingual Quebec" over a french-only Quebec have to understand that "bilingual" means that everyone will learn both languages. You cannot claim to want a "bilingual Quebec" and protest a law that mandates taking 3 courses of french.

You cannot claim to want a "bilingual Quebec" and expect only the french to learn english and the english not to learn french.

12 · 10 days ago · Reddit

Amid a labour shortage in industries like fashion and food services, many stores increasingly look to students — including those from out of province or country — to staff counters and stock shelves, with the possibility that some will stay on and integrate post-graduation. Now that door will largely close, since many of those students do not speak fluent French, he said.

It just baffles me! I can understand if students from other countries don't speak French yet but from within Canada? How the hell is it acceptable to for younger generations to be unilingual?

Being bilingual is basically a minimum in today's global environment and it looks like we're moving towards at least 3-4 languages in the near future...