Black Montreal senior will not back down or pay fine for unwarranted police stop

A 68-year-old Black man will be returning to Montreal municipal court to challenge a $483 ticket he received. He says it's about bringing attention to racial profiling.


94 · 4 months ago · Reddit

11 years ago, I let my hair grow. Since it’s very curly, it doesn’t fall down and just takes the form of a huge ball, similar to an afro. I was walking back from a friend’s house to Prefontaine metro and a squad car pulled up. They called out to me, I looked in their direction, and the officer in the passenger seat immediately said « ‘scuse moé, je pensais que t’étais noir, tu ressemblais à un gars qu’on recherche. »

Glad to see things haven’t changed a bit /s

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Good for him. There must be a lot of other Black and Indigenous people who've been targeted, who can't fight this. I hope he wins.

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I was a walking with my roomate in a slightly higher income neighborhood.
I live in the next neighborhood over.

We walked around the parks... and she walks faster then I do... so she is often ahead of me.
(she's white... I'm not)
Suddenly a cop car pulls up and the officer asks her if she is alright.
She says "yes" and they ask about the man following her....
She looks in back and says... "Oh, you mean my roommate? Ha ha, we takes walks every night in the neighborhood"

Cop looks confused.... and says suddenly, we got a complaint about suspicious people looking in people windows....

I just played it off... "well, we are walking to get into shape.... so if we were casing the place, you would catch us by shiftting into PARKING Gear" (Thankfully I talk like a white news anchor)

They lightened up slightly... and said to not stick around the neighboring area for too long, because they didn't want to get another complaint about us.

But in reality.... I know it was because I was walking behind a white lady... in a upper class neighborhood. lol
(I never get mad at these things, only because I would hope one day they make a judgement call that saves my life. )

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Lol pulling over a car for rust…. What a joke. Let me guess white cops who live in St Jean ?

28 · 4 months ago · Reddit

How the hell does the "presence of rust" mandates multiple police cars?

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Tous les policiers de Montreal devrait prouver avoir au minimum un ami "ethnique" avant de penser pouvoir appliquer. Un peu comme avoir une référence lorsque tu fais ton passeport. Ca en filtrerais une couple.