Terrebonne police, city slammed with $205K lawsuit for systemic discrimination

Quebec’s Human Rights Commission is suing the City of Terrebonne and its police force for stopping a Black man more than a dozen times without valid reason when he was driving.


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The City of Terrebonne and 18 police officers have been hit with a civil lawsuit for systemic discrimination, harassment and for racially profiling a local Black man. 

Quebec's Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission (CDPDJ) is seeking $205,000 in damages on behalf of Pierre-Marcel Monsanto, a Terrebonne resident of Haitian descent, after police stopped him over a dozen times and fined him without valid reason. Included in the lawsuit is $20,000 in punitive damages against the city. 

Monsanto filed 15 complaints against Terrebonne police for stopping him without valid reason between 2018 and 2021 and issuing him more than $6,000 in fines. Fourteen of those stops were made within 11 months. 

At a news conference Wednesday, Monsanto said his frequent interactions with police officers have left him in fear of living in the Montreal suburb, and he's contemplating moving. 

"Most of the time, I don't go out," he said. "I feel like a second-class citizen. I feel anxiety … I said to my wife, 'be prepared to raise our kids alone because I can be killed, and something can happen any time.'" 


In March 2022, Quebec's police ethics commissioner upheld eight complaints against Terrebonne police officers for racially profiling Monsanto when he was driving a car belonging to his wife, with whom he shares an address.

What is going on in Terrebonne? That this kind of behaviour by public servants has been ongoing for years is deeply concerning.

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14 stops within 11 months, that's called being targeted. I haven't been stopped once without cause in 30+ years in Montreal and I'm not white either. The only times I got pulled over was because I was speeding or rolled through a stop sign

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It's about time some institutions bear responsibility for their contribution to systemic racism.

Hopefully soon we'll get reforms in our judicial / criminal system.

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I’m a young black woman and I get stopped for no reason especially in small towns. Once the policeman even asked me, what am I doing in their town and was I trying to hide from something or if I was on the run. He had no reason to stop me, I didn’t even go over the speed limit or nothing. I hope this man wins. Also one of the black doctors I worked with was stopped for no reason while driving at night when he was responding to a call at the hospital. Next time I’m stopped, I’ll definitely record it because these people suck and you never know what they’ll do. I used to be really pro cop before I started driving.