Video shows man seemingly unaffected by taser in Laval Metro station

A video of a police intervention in the Montreal Metro has gone viral online, capturing what appears to be failed attempts to Taser a man on the platform Wednesday afternoon. “Get on the ground!” the officer is heard yelling at a man, dressed in large boots and a baggy blue coat. “You’re going to...

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10 · 17 days ago · Reddit

If you scroll down the news story, you'll see the video preceding the tasering incident. Here's the caption:

***STORY UPDATE 9:35am March 3rd 2023, scroll for witness 2****Witness 1 said: “ the man in the blue jacket, swung his left hand, holding an X-Acto knife towards the other man’s face, trying to cut him which led to the man in the construction jacket to pin down the man trying to take the blade out of his hands and later kicking him off the train cart”-updated 9:35am March 3rd 2023

Witness 2 said: the man in blue jacket is a cook at a family owned restaurant who was on the way home from work when a construction worker thought the man was insulting him as he was speaking very loudly in Vietnamese (which is the man’s first language) which led to the guy in the construction jacket to start hitting him and yelling racial slurs, which led to the man in the blue jacket pulling out his X-Acto knife in self-defense”