Advocates renew calls for City of Montreal to let homeless use vacant lot as shelter space

It’s not just any lot — it’s a gathering place for people living on the street and the people who use it say they feel shut out of the place they’ve long called home.


14 · 2 months ago · Reddit

Une des raisons possibles pour laquelle ce (et d'autres) lots vacants se font cloturer est que le propriétaire est responsable pour son entretien et a une responsabilité civile pour tout incident sur le terrain. Il est fort probable que les clotures sont exigées par les assurances du proprio.

Si j'étais le propriétaire, j'offrirais à la ville de leurs louer le terrain pour $1 par mois a condition qu'ils assument responsabilité pour tout accidents et l'entretien.

6 · 2 months ago · Reddit

There's a vacant lot at the end of my street. The square grew green and the neighborhood took care of it. They planted flowers and plants and organized events there. It was a great space to meet and chill with the neighbors.

Until recently the owner bulldozored everything and put in cement blocks to block the way.

It was vacant for years and years. It still is. He only came that one time and fucked it all over because fuck knows. He couldn't bare the sight of fine citizens caring and beautifying his abandoned lot?

Fuck that guy. Now the spot is fugly.

5 · 2 months ago · Reddit

As a tax payer, I don't mind using vacant city property, if it's private, I'm okay with them having a tax deduction in return

and while I'm at it, let's add running water and chemical restroom.

Only condition would be that it's done in collaboration with NGO to help those who want to get off the streets, and an understanding that within a 6 month notice it can be dismantled, in an orderly fashion.