Legault calls EMSB 'radical group' for denying Quebec nationhood; board chair pays political price

Quebec’s premier suggested Tuesday that the English Montreal School Board has become a “radical group" over a document denying Quebec’s nationhood. The board’s chair, who is also running to be a city councillor, paid a more personal price.


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Ok, let's be crystal clear here...

The Quebecois are a distinct society within Canada and because "Nation" means "a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory", even English-Speaking Quebecois are somewhat of a distinct society from most of the rest of English-Canada.

You only have to spend some time within the Quebec English community and some more time in Kingston, Hamilton, Toronto, Regina, Edmonton or other large Canadian cities to notice the differences in outlook, in politics and in culture of the English-Quebecois when compared to other English-Canadians.

So many English-Quebecois friends who studied or worked in the rest of Canada claim it themselves, their home is Quebec.

Fact is that English-Quebecois are more often in agreement with the lifestyle / policies in Quebec, stuff like the obvious usefulness of subsidized daycare, more social solidarity as opposed to more individualism, the desire to see effective gun control laws put in place, the importance to keep Hydro-Quebec as a public utility (no privatization) and of cultural subsidies, also with women's complete equality, with abortion rights, with and LGBTQ+ rights, with the efforts of Quebec to have "Nation to Nation" relationships with First Nations groups and a whole lot of other "distinct cultural habits" that define Quebec which are not always widespread in the rest of Canada.

On many issues that define Quebec, the English-Quebecois are more often in agreement with the French-speaking majority. English-Quebecois also share a history and culture with the rest of Quebec; through mixed marriage, through shared economic development, through a shared and vibrant cultural scene, through the desire to have a "good society" that provides for the less fortunate...

Edit: Not all of the characteristics that define Quebec are exclusive to Quebec, but the "package" or the "sum" of those characteristics is very much unique to Quebec.

So by the definition of a "Nation", one can say without much risk, that the English-Quebecois bring their own contribution to Quebec being a distinct society from the rest of Canada and are an integral part of that "Nation" of Quebec.

So, everyone must therefore understand that the English-Quebecois are truly "Quebecois", no matter if they all realize it or not and no matter if some "gatekeepers" of the Quebec identity do not always include them.

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What a stupid hill for the EMSB to die on. I’m an anglo. Of course Quebec is a nation. I thought we’d all agreed on this awhile ago.

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Qu'est-ce que la CSEM et Ortona pensaient faire en adoptant une position aussi radicale? Est-ce qu'ils pensaient que le gouvernement du Québec allait juste faire "fuck, ils ont raison, les Québécois ne sont pas une nation, on remballe tout gang"? Est-ce qu'Ortona pensait vraiment que Denis Coderre allait accepter sa position? Dans quel monde ils vivent?

La CSEM a adopté une nouvelle résolution sur le PL 96, qui est foutument plus modérée que la position originale, au point où c'est drôle.