Trevor Noah sues NYC hospital and orthopedic surgeon alleging negligence and failures

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah has sued the New York-based Hospital for Special Surgery, claiming orthopedic surgeon Riley Williams III.


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Not for nothing, but why is this guy's medical and legal issues news? Humans are weird AF

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I got excellent surgical care and follow-up from HHS in 2015.

but during these covid-19 years, it's hard to know how much
these hospitals may now be compromised by staff shortages
and other mitigating circumstances making it especially tough
for people seeking ortho, cancer, heart disease related care.

this is why some grumble that the unvaccinated should not be
admitted to hospitals, or must pay if they are under insured,
since they are imposing an avoidable burden on the system.

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How has this dude not been replaced yet on TDS? I know Jon was hard to replace, but Noah doesn't even come to 10% of his level.

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"Noah alleges in the suit that all care he was given at the Hospital for Special Surgery "was performed and rendered in a negligent and careless manner, and constituted professional negligence," according to court documents."

- Okay, saying "ALL CARE" at a hospital over a multiple month period really destroys the credibility of this claim

"In a statement, the Hospital for Special Surgery, or HSS, said the allegations are "meritless." It said it sent "Noah’s attorney a detailed rebuttal to the claims, which are meritless.""

- hmm

"Federal privacy laws prohibit the hospital from addressing specific accusations publicly or aspects of a patient's care."HSS is committed to excellence in the care we provide to each of the more than 150,000 patients we treat each year. This commitment has made HSS the world’s leading academic medical center specialized in musculoskeletal health, consistently ranked #1 in orthopedics globally and nationally," the statement reads."

- HSS is one of the top orthopedic hospitals in the world... Hospitals have been under insane constraints over the last 2 years. We will never know what actually happened, but it doesn't seem to be a single negligent event. I hate when "VIP patients" come to the hospital because often their personalities are more difficult to "treat" than the medical issue. I am getting the flavor that that is the case here.