NYC’s push for more traffic camera enforcement bungled by DOT commissioner in talks with Albany legislators: sources

An off-the-rails trip to Albany last week by city Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez put at risk the city’s push to run red light and speed cameras around the clock, according to DOT sources and lawmakers with knowledge of his meetings upstate.


25 · 6 days ago · Reddit

I got a red light ticket in the mail. Turns out a van in the turn lane turned while the arrow was red, I was 2 lanes over and going through a green light. Ticket was mailed to me.

Had to go to make the case that it's not me. I won, but the judge was sitting there trying to convince me I was the car in the turn lane.

Two things:

  1. If the camera images aren't clear enough, you can't assign ticket to whatever license plate you can read.
  2. If the ticket is given erroneously the city should have to compensate the person who had to take time off to deal with it.
18 · 6 days ago · Reddit

That's why we shouldn't be appointing former City Council members to lead agencies when they have no practical knowledge of the subject matter. This guy was handed an endorsement gift and just screwed us all.