Arrest Made in Terrifying NYC Subway Rape Attempt: Cops

A 39-year-old homeless man has been arrested for allegedly robbing a 40-year-old woman on a C train in Manhattan, then slamming her into train seats and choking...


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I'm ok with releasing Marijuana peddlers and shit but scum like this should serve their full sentences and have very strict parole terms. Fuck slap an ankle bracelet on every single one of them and make them wear the iam sex offender thing t shirt.

There's a difference between violent criminals and non violent criminals.

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Additional info that was not included in the NBC article:​2021/​09/​28/​homeless-sex-offender-arrested-in-rape-attempt-on-nyc-train/

"He is listed as a Level 2 sex offender in connection to the June 2010 attempted rape of a 22-year-old woman, records show.

He was convicted in 2011 and released on parole in 2017, according to state correction records.

Zewge’s post-release supervision is set to end in June of 2022."

The sex offender registry is currently the only really public, lifelong designation for a crime one has committed and based on certain reforms in the hopper related to expungement of criminal records, I get the sense this will be on the block, to the extent the state controls it. And of course, I get the sense plenty of sex criminals plea down to lesser offenses...they never go on the registry.

That really does not seem like a long time for attempted rape, especially if it was as brutal as this latest attempted rape was.

I'm curious if they'll plea him down to anything lesser her. He beat his August victim unconcious.

There is no justifiable reason why someone with a sexual offense that recent should be in an ordinary homeless shelter and a level 2 sex offender should be required to provide tabs for where he is at all times. Even that 2022 date on the end of his supervision...what happens, as a condition of being on the sex offender registry? Who monitors him?

The fact this state is also weakening penalties for parole violations strikes me as dangerous. I'm not sure if the most recent reform bill excepted offenders like this. Someone like this should have to follow conditions of parole within an inch of their lives, particularly those related to substance abuse, notification of address, and keeping in contact with parole officers. For violent offenses, those matter.

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This is how Bernie Goetz happened. At some point people are going to start proactively carrying weapons to defend themselves