Why 'Star Trek' made San Francisco the center of the universe

This isn't the San Francisco of 2021. When I was a child, growing up a few hours south of San Francisco, it felt only natural that this city should be the center of the "Star Trek" universe. The simple answer is that "Star Trek" creator Gene...


10 · 8 days ago · Reddit

It's funny watching that embedded YT video of all appearances of the GG bridge in Star Trek.

They couldn't decide what to do with the roadway. In some clips it has a hovering train, in some clips it's all solar panels, and in some clips it's just flat and shiny with no transit at all.

6 · 8 days ago · Reddit

It’s also possible that when making Star Trek The Motion Picture in the 70’s, it was more conceivable that the Presidio might remain a military installation until it could be taken over by Starfleet, which is basically the space military.

Also, the complaints about a lack of diversity in newer Star Trek seem like the author is trying to force a connection that’s pretty tenuous. Have they not watched Star Trek Discovery or Lower Decks? Even Star Trek Picard, a show about a white dude, has a pretty diverse cast. A good listen about diversity in Star Trek is the All the Asians on Star Trek podcast.