How many people are homeless in San Francisco? Data reveals a worsening crisis

The best estimates, based on metrics collected by local, state and federal agencies, range from 8,000 to more than 19,000 homeless in San Francisco.


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Answer: we don't know.

We used retinal scanners in Afghanistan to identify people. Why not use such biometrics technologies to identify the homeless folks, so their cases can be tracked more effectively?

What is our spending on homeless now? $1.1 Billion ! And we have fuck-all to show for it. The numbers of homeless has only gone up.

And before the Naive Brigade shows up and says: "just give them apartments", let me tell you: just handing over the keys to an apartment will never work for someone who is either (a) addicted to drugs, or (b) has made life choices that have landed them on the sidewalk. They need a strong support network to rebuild their lives; and that should include some restraints (like incarceration in a mental care facility so they can become clean).

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Well considering other states openly admit to shipping them to us of course it's worsening

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The PIT count is only a visibility metric targeting mainly those sheltered and outside.

The SFDPH data is each unique client from the case management system from a variety of homelessness to close to homelessness.

Possibly an overestimate if you are talking about just outside homelessness.

The PIT is a underestimate to know things about a specific outdoor population, and the SFDPH data is more reliable overall.

The number of homeless without shelter can be anywhere in between, from a guess.

And if you're wondering why DPH is providing the data and not HSH, as it should be doing, Breed didn't properly oversee the department even though she was warned by the Budget and Legislative Analyst leading to unreliable and invalid data in its Coordinated Entry system.