San Francisco Mayor London Breed on meeting her city's challenges

The woman who grew up in poverty to become her city's mayor has been forced to address San Francisco's frustrating problems of homelessness and rising property crimes, which may be making this famously liberal city a little less tolerant.


34 · 9 days ago · Reddit

I understand politics are essential to a functional society, but damn I swear 95% of politics is talking city problems and making empty solution promises. It’s infuriating but I’m not willing to do anything to change that, so I can only complain so much I guess🤷🏾‍♂️.

25 · 9 days ago · Reddit

“In total, San Francisco is spending one billion city, state and federal dollars on homelessness.”

“San Francisco now counts 8,000 homeless people”

That’s $125,000 per unhoused person!!

How in Hell is this issue not fixed?

7 · 9 days ago · Reddit

Her biggest challenge is picking out her Starbucks coffee, then sitting down to figure out how to spend the $14,000,000,00.00 city budget.

Not so impressed with this occupant of room 200.