Doomsday scenarios for BART, S.F. Muni, Caltrain. How bad could it?

In an apocalyptic vision of Bay Area public transit, BART cancels its weekend service and shutters nine stations just to keep the lights on elsewhere. These are real scenarios drafted by the region's transit agencies in a series of federally...


23 · 17 days ago · Reddit

Is it just me or is there a perpetual funding crisis every 2-3 years?

There’s always a doomsday scenario, and then there is always a bailout — bridge toll increases, business tax increase, whatever, to fund transit. (It’s never, you know putting more fare inspectors on the bus and ticketing the large portion of people who just walk on without paying)

7 · 17 days ago · Reddit

Spend decades refusing to build affordable housing for the working class and allowing wealthy suburbs to block the buildout of a fully functional system. Then spend years destroying the customer base with lockdowns and mask mandates...

Well if it isn't the consequences of our own decisions...