Newsom order will let vaccinated workers ditch masks on Thursday

However, under procedural rules, those new regulations would not take effect for 10 days. Newsom's expected order would mean that the new Cal/OSHA rules can take effect as soon as the board votes. Cal/OSHA has gone through several reversals on...

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14 · 7 months ago · Reddit

This headline makes it sound like it's completely up to individual workers, but doesn't the new state guidance actually leave it up to each workplace to set its own policy? I.e., no workplace will be forced to require masks, as they are now, but if they wish they will also still be able to have their own policy requiring employees to mask. I can't read the entire article to see if this is clarified within, because the site keeps putting up a subscription popup over the text, but this is how I've seen it described elsewhere.