San Francisco poised for lower speed limits after Newsom signs legislation

The state's methodology for setting speed limits on streets based on the movement speed of 85% of traffic often has meant a greater likelihood of speed limits being raised instead of lowered, they said. San Francisco is running out of time to meet...

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8 · 10 days ago · Reddit

The law signed by the governor essentially lets California cities lower their speed limits in increments of 5 miles per hour by allowing local officials to factor the safety of pedestrians and cyclists when conducting the speed traffic surveys that have historically been used to determine speed limits.

The governor also signed AB917, which allows pubic transit operators to pilot automated cameras to enforce parking violations on transit-only lanes and at bus stops until the end of 2026. Another bill signed by Newsom, AB3, aims to crack down on sideshows and illegal street racing by allowing courts to issue driver’s license suspensions of up to six months in convictions.

I though we already had MUNI cameras on buses? I recall a People Behaving Badly segment where this was featured.

EDIT: Here's the PBB segment