Union Square store is latest major retailer closing in downtown S.F.

DSW is closing its San Francisco shoe store at Union Square, a customer service representative confirmed to The Chronicle on Tuesday. The front entrance of the store at 400 Post St. has a green "closed" sign. The four-story store opened in 2012. ...


15 · 3 months ago · Reddit

It's less to do with SF specifically, and more because of the pandemic writ large and the huge shift towards online shopping.

"In March, DSW’s parent Designer Brands said it could close 65 U.S. stores over the next four years, including 24 locations in 2021. The stores, which weren’t identified, have lease expirations coming up but some leases could be renewed.
“As store traffic remains constrained and consumers continue choosing to shop digitally and forego a trip to the store, we are closely evaluating our existing store infrastructure,” Jared Poff, Designer Brands chief financial officer, said at the time."

6 · 3 months ago · Reddit

Damn. I bought my shoes in from the clearance rack there.