San Francisco 2nd worst U.S. city for package theft

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As the Bay Area boards up its stores against thieves, residents may want to take precautions for porch pirates as well. San Francisco is the second worst city in the U.S. for package theft this year, according to a SafeWise study. It’s beat out only by Denver, Colorado. The...


31 · 3 days ago · Reddit

FedEx leaves packages on the sidewalk in front of my door. On. The. Sidewalk.

Despite knowing what this city is like, despite a sign that says "don't leave packages unattended"

So while I know there are all sorts of other compounding factors, dumbass shipping companies that leave shit on the street are a big part of the problem.

24 · 3 days ago · Reddit

Shout out to Denver for taking off some of the heat.

21 · 3 days ago · Reddit

Is there any info on why package thefts are so high? I highly doubt it's because of Chesa Boudin like some people are saying, considering that the article has said SF was the worst city starting in 2018 before he came into office.

Some possible reasons I could think of:

  • SF is dense and walkable, with a lot of small apartment buildings and houses set close to the street
  • Fewer high rises with doormen compared to other similarly dense cities
  • Wealthy, young population more likely to order a lot of things online

I don't know if any of these are the actual reason, but in absence of any other info I am more inclined to blame this on the factors above