Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford ink $10-a-day child care deal

Trudeau’s promise of $10-a-day child care across Canada will be fulfilled after Ford secured a longer guarantee of federal funding for Ontario.


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Trudeau started it after his election...

Ford would only sign on right before his election...

Ford is marketing, not leading.

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The deal has been signed and announced now, here's the details:

Trudeau’s signature social program will mean that later this year families with children five and under in licensed child care centres will see their fees reduced by up to 25 per cent to a minimum of $12 per day.

In May, those parents will begin receiving rebate cheques retroactive to this Friday.

The plan is that families will get another reduction in December, which should slash current fees in half by then.

There will be further fee cuts in September 2024 before a final decrease in September 2025, which lower average child care costs to Trudeau’s promised $10 a day.

The historic agreement should help create 86,000 child care spaces.

Ontario officials praised Ottawa for giving Canada’s most populous and diverse province “more flexibility” with an extended guarantee of funding.

“We would have been able to get to $17 a day (with the original offer) but we needed the extra year. Unlike every other province, Ontario has secured that funding,” a senior provincial official said, speaking confidentially in order to discuss internal deliberations.

Queen’s Park will work with municipalities to enrol 5,000 licenced and in-home child care into the program by Sept. 1 to ensure parents can benefit from lower fees.

To illustrate the savings for parents, the government said, for example, a mother in York Region with two children in child care might pay $72 a day for her toddler and $31 daily for her five-year-old.

But those fees would drop by 25 per cent by year’s end to $54 and $23.25 per day, meaning refunds of $3,528 for her toddler’s fees and $1,519 for her elder child. That’s more than $5,000 in rebates this year alone.

Seven of the 10 most expensive places in Canada for child care are in Ontario.

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Thanks to PM Trudeau for making this happen! Thanks to Doug Ford for costing parents thousands of extra dollars by stalling til the last possible minute so he could turn this into a campaign stunt, resign bb

Rabies Positive 🤤 MD, SER Spec-V
Rabies Positive 🤤 MD, SER Spec-V
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So thankful Justin Trudeau & the Liberal/​NDP coalition have decided to financially incentivise people who aren't me to keep having children they can't afford to raise, thus solving my "excess money problems" forever. THIS is why I voted Liberal in the last election -- twice! 😌🙏​aTHkbqssLP