Toronto seeing dramatic spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, new police data says

Police say the COVID-19 pandemic remains a “key” contributing factor to a jump in hate crimes that began in 2020.


79 · 9 months ago · Reddit

The city reported 57 such incidents in 2021

A lot of people are probably not reporting them and the real number is much higher. I've seen 3 or 4 on the TTC alone.

42 · 9 months ago · Reddit

Being asian in Toronto during Covid-19 was/​is super fun. All the looks I had to get during the first few months. The things they said on my TTC rides. Super cool guys

30 · 9 months ago · Reddit

Get your bingo cards ready

  • nothing that happened was racist.
  • why is this news? it happens every day!
  • racism used to be worse.
  • non-white people are the racists
  • this incident didn't really happen
  • racism is extremely rare and basically never happens.
  • I never experience racism
  • The best solution to perceived racism is for everyone to ignore it
  • by claiming to experience racism, you are causing racism. (AKA Quantum Racism)
  • those who dislike racism are the real racists
  • person of affected race disagrees that the problem exists
  • its better here than elsewhere
  • Whataboutism
5 · 9 months ago · Reddit

There are a lot of mentally ill and/​or high people out there shouting racist slurs and harassing people. It's been noticeably getting worse over the last two years. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the reported incidents were perpetrated by such people.