People are destroying Toronto’s parks. Meet the ones restoring them

Volunteer stewards protect native plants and remove invasive ones in areas like High Park and Ashbridge’s Bay.


66 · 7 days ago · Reddit

It's actually so fucking disgusting walking through queens park area and seeing all the trash left behind

And no I don't think it's the homeless doing it either

53 · 7 days ago · Reddit

Useful excerpt:

Toronto residents who want to help must do so through one of the city-approved stewardship programs. According to Kim Statham, director of Urban Forestry, the number of volunteers has outpaced the programs’ capacity to put them to work. Last year, Toronto Nature Stewards was created to match more willing volunteers with areas in need by launching a pilot program. For the first time, citizen-led teams will work unsupervised in nine of the city’s natural areas.

I spend a lot of time in the Don trails, and they're absolutely choked with dog-strangling vine, garlic mustard, and other invasives. I've wanted to volunteer for a while but kept forgetting to look into it, so this is a good reminder!