Law does not stop Toronto police from looking for officers behind ‘systemic discrimination,’ privacy commissioner clarifies

The statement contradicts police chief James Ramer’s claim that the law prevents him from using landmark data collected from police use-of-force reports to investigate individual officers’ conduct.

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22 · 6 days ago · Reddit

Ontario’s privacy commissioner says nothing is stopping Toronto police from looking at individual officers’ conduct towards racialized Torontonians.

That clarification contradicts statements made by police chief James Ramer following the release of much-anticipated race-based data — for the first time collected and analyzed by the force itself — that revealed Black and other minority groups were more likely to be subject to force and strip searches.

Oh look. Caught in a lie. Gonna play the "I didn't know" card?

Just like Saunders did when his cops blinded and covered up Dafonte Miller's savage attack