Toronto senior diagnosed with rare disorder after COVID vaccine last summer still waiting for compensation

Fernando Caballero, 67, was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder after getting the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19. He's been waiting for more than a year for Canada's Vaccine Injury Support Program to process his compensation claim.


53 · 6 days ago · Reddit

The worst part of the "vaccine discourse" is how the well was poisoned by (sometimes racists/​homophobic/​anti-semetic) conspiracy theories so much, that it made discussing legitimate concerns nigh impossible.

The covid vaccine, like most vaccines (or medicine for that matter) does carry some small risk of side effects. And unlike other drugs, everyone had to get it all at once, so stories like this one are going to start popping up more frequently. And I'm sure that I would hate for my one in a million side effects to be politicized. But, like, covid is the number two cause of death in the states from what I've last heard, and I can't imagine what the situation would be like without the vaccines.

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GBS is... tricky and finicky - having looked after patients who developed GBS after COVID infection, before we had vaccinations. In many cases, the immune system was going to react badly anyway, whether it saw the viral information in the form of a vaccine or due to a real infection.

In other words, while this certainly happens, it would have highly likely happened with the infection itself, as we have seen throughout the pandemic. And simply banking on not getting COVID isn't much of an option with the new strains.

The real tragedy is how long it's taken this poor patient to receive help.