Toronto's Pearson airport now 2nd worst in world for delays. Ottawa says travel woes on the mend

On Friday, the transport minister told a parliamentary committee that Canada's travel chaos is dissipating. But critics and travellers say the situation remains turbulent.


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But the chaos is far from over. Toronto's Pearson airport, which had the most flight delays in the world for most of the summer, has only moved into second place, according to flight tracking service FlightAware. And, since May, more than 7,000 disgruntled travellers have flooded the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) with complaints related to flight disruptions.


Alghabra was questioned on Friday about what the government is doing to address the numerous passenger complaints that they're being unfairly denied compensation by their airline.

Under federal rules, airlines only have to pay compensation — up to $1,000 — if a flight delay or cancellation is within an airline's control and not required for safety reasons. Carriers must also cover accommodation costs for flight disruptions within their control.

Alghabra said the CTA is responsible for resolving passenger complaints and that the government has given the transport regulator an added $11 million to deal with the recent flood of grievances.

It's a move in the right direction in terms of delays, but right now I think one of the bigger issues are the shenanigans that airlines like AC are pulling with denying proper aid and compensation to their passengers. Clearly the regulations for these kinds of incidences and/​or the regulator are insufficient to protect the traveling public.

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Landed last night, and yeah...unorganized chaos in the customs line. The officer was yawning and did not seem to care much. There were no signs let alone people to direct so you just kinda line up where other people are.

Baggage claim was nuts, sooo many suitcases just sitting around unattended. Didnt even have to declare anything which I thought was odd.

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I'm curious why airline passengers still need to fill out ArriveCAN separately, when all that info could be pulled from airline databases and provincial Ministries of Health (for the vaccine portion)? If they can cross-match travellers' names to the Federal No Fly list, they can do something about passenger info needed for the app, no?