CUPE says government has agreed to late Sunday afternoon deadline to reach a deal and avert strike

The union representing school support workers says that it is prepared to “spend all weekend” at the negotiation table in an attempt to stave off a planned strike that could once again shutter schools.


102 · 4 months ago · Reddit

Support to CUPE!

Hold out until they're forced to fire that childless creep obsessed with our children, Stephen Lecce!

25 · 4 months ago · Reddit

CUPE said the two sides recently agreed on a 3.59 per cent wage increase

So the gov't went up 1% and the union came down 7.4% to arrive @ 3.59% per year for next 3 years?

21 · 4 months ago · Reddit

Look at the state of Ontario right now. This is the result of a fat old rich dude running our province into the ground

5 · 4 months ago · Reddit

I am confused by the latest demands. At first, it was all about money. Sure, the % or $/hr made the headlines, but it was also paid time before school started, prep time, sick time and professional development.

Now they want "enough educational assistants for students; an early childhood educator in every kindergarten classroom; enough library workers, custodians, maintenance workers and tradespeople; and adequate staffing of secretaries and school lunchroom supervisors."

I agree, we need more staff in all of those positions. But how many EAs is "enough"? How many kindergarten classes don't have an ECE? How many library workers is "enough"? How many secretaries would be "adequate"?

These statements are so vague, that they could be satisified - or not - so easily. Do we need 100 EAs? How many schools need an extra secretary? My neighbour is a TDSB welder, he's never said there is an issue with not enough tradespeople. And he'd bitch, trust me.

But where were these issues when negotiations began last month? Maybe there were there, but they didn't seem publicized. And how can they figure out how many EAs are needed in the next couple of days?

This feels like an unwinnable demand.