Toronto surgeon performs first knee replacement in Canada using new robot

Last week, a Toronto-area man became the first patient in Canada to have knee replacement surgery with the assistance of a new robotic device. The surgery took place at Toronto Western Hospital and so far, his recovery is going smoothly.


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It's estimated around 700 knee replacements are performed at Toronto Western Hospital annually, making it one of the most common surgical procedures. Zywiel believes the new technology will improve the outcomes and result in happier, more satisfied patients.

"So if we can make even a small dent in that proportion of people who struggle with their recovery and struggle to get a good outcome, all that's going to do is free up resources so we can look after all the other people with knee arthritis who need our care," he said.

Zywiel says his team will also have the opportunity to train other staff from hospitals in the GTA and internationally on how to use the device. The training process is more than a year long.

Better outcomes, shorter recovery time. The first robot was entirely funded through donations. Perhaps the Ford government can 'invest' in a few more of these robots and training programs to help reduce the current backlog.

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Shouldn't the headline read:

'Toronto robot performs first knee replacement in Canada using surgeon'