Woman dead after unprovoked assault in downtown Toronto, police say

An elderly woman is dead after what police say was an unprovoked assault in Toronto's downtown core on Friday, Toronto police say.


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I live in this area. There are so many people with mental illness roaming the streets it’s really concerning. Today alone I encountered people screaming, this poor guy who seems to be developmentally delayed just playing with Pokémon cards just sitting right on the corner. I don’t know what the solution is, but something needs to change . People need help.

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ASSAULT: Yonge St & King St 11:39am

  • reports of a male assaulting a female
  • woman is now deceased
  • man has fled
  • susp is m/​w 40 yrs, red hair braided at the back, beard, thin build, wrng brown vest, grey hoodie, blue jeans
  • anyone with information call 9-1-1

This occurred at the Hero Burger on the east side of Yonge, just north of King. Video from the scene.

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Suspect on the run.

Description “Police described him as being in his 40s with red hair braided in the back and a thin build. He was reportedly wearing a brown vest, grey hoodie and blue jeans.”

Edit: caught and arrested https://twitter.com/​tpsoperations/​status/​1616514522973409288?s=46&t=aJt1W0zHBEgZ9BUmjpa3fQ

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i just want to say rest in peace to the victim, i have no words