Pay $40 for chicken? Forget it. How one Toronto condo building found a solution for the rising cost of food

Eggs, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, cereal and oil have all shot up. What’s a shopper to do? Experts share five surefire ways to save — and some friendly neighbours have some, too.


54 · 9 days ago · Reddit

For Dan Flatt, the solution to higher food bills was to look to his neighbours.

In 2021, when food prices really started to soar, he utilized his North York condo’s Facebook group to start bulk buying with other residents in the building.

“It first began with toilet paper from Costco and seeing who wanted to pitch in, and it just grew from there to other items,” he says.

“You save by doing it and get to know your neighbours,” Flatt says. “It was helpful in lockdown and now it’s helpful with higher grocery prices.”

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This is lovely, but it sucks that people have to do this.