Frustrated at the sign-up for city swimming lessons? A fix for ‘clunky’ website years away, say staff

It could take until 2026 before the current antiquated online interface is replaced, according to budget documents.


12 · 8 days ago · Reddit

Yeah, the booking system sucks. It also sucks the there's not enough instructors to support the existing classes offered. Actually scored a slot for a child swimming class only to get an email from the city two weeks later to say the class had been cancelled because they couldn't find an instructor. From the article

The City of Toronto’s online booking system for recreation programs is outdated, hard to use and a perennial source of frustration for any parent forced to navigate it during “Hunger Games”-style scrambles to sign kids up for swimming lessons.

The parks department has been using the same online platform since 1999, and acknowledges it’s “at the end of its natural life.”

But according to documents submitted for the 2023 budget process, a new booking portal won’t be fully up and running until the end of 2026 — more than a decade after the city began work to replace the antiquated system.

7 · 8 days ago · Reddit

My kids have aged out of lessons, but I remember trying to sign them up for swimming lessons through this website. Getting into lessons involved constantly refreshing the page until a proceed button appeared. Sometimes I'd sit there refreshing for over an hour. The process was terribly done and incredibly frustrating.

5 · 8 days ago · Reddit

We deserve better. With this and so much more. The municipal bureaucracy works to look after the staff before the people it is supposed to serve.

I sometimes wonder if this mismanagement we get from government agencies isn't a westernized version of corruption. Somebody's getting paid a lot of money but nobody is getting the service they paid for.