Hundreds of High Park tenants call for more rent control after being notified of 12% increases

Tenants at a building in Toronto's High Park neighbourhood say they are feeling priced out after finding out their rent will increase nearly 12 per cent this year, and are calling for more rent control.

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35 · 6 days ago · Reddit

Newer buildings are not subject to rent-control due to Ford's arbitrary 2018 rule which created a two-tiered rental market. Unfortunately, given the astronomical increase in demand compared to new supply, tenants without rent-control protection are totally exposed to the crazy market.

In many cases, even if you are protected, your landlord will try to evict you anyways to jack up the rent to market levels using excuses that they or a family member want to move-in or renovate the unit.

The rental situation is just a total disaster in Toronto, I feel horrible for anyone going through these situations.