Toronto extends deadline for city staff to disclose COVID-19 vaccination status

Toronto has extended the deadline for its employees to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status to the city until Friday, Sept. 17, 2021.


59 · 11 days ago · Reddit

The date has been extended to Sept. 17th. Apparently about half the city employees have already disclosed status (though Tory claims “a lot” have disclosed status).

And of course the anti-vaxxers are looking to fight.

Daniel Lublin, a partner at Whitten and Lublin Employment Lawyers in Toronto, said on Monday his firm has never been busier because hundreds of unvaccinated people are seeking legal advice.

“They're scared that they're going to lose their jobs. They're scared about the world we're living in right now where they feel like they are being forced to share sensitive medical information," Lublin said.

This is not sensitive medical information. This is vaccination status, the same fucking thing we disclose when we put kids in schools, the same thing we disclose when we travel to countries where certain diseases are widespread. Where do these jerks get off thinking they can hold their personal insanity higher than the safety of others around them who may not have the option of getting vaccinated because of medical reasons?

16 · 11 days ago · Reddit

Which means we really won’t require the proof. Just like the police force delaying their proof.

14 · 11 days ago · Reddit

The fact that these anti-vax, anti-mask, coronavirus denier whackos have any power at all in our society is very alarming.

Edit: here’s a special message for the anti-vax people. NSFW but generally to the point. No nudity.​articles/​oh-my-fucking-god-get-the-fucking-vaccine-already-you-fucking-fucks